Glasses: Reusable Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 3)
Glasses: Reusable Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 3)
Glasses: Reusable Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 3)

Glasses: Reusable Anti-Fog Cleaning Cloth (Pack of 3)

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Product Introduction
The pre-moistened anti-fog lens is made of high-quality optical care materials, with anti-fogging & cleaning effects, no streaks, and no residue. It can clean fingerprints and oil stains on glasses, camera lenses, sunglasses, screens, ski masks, and swim goggles. Anti-fog agents may form a small number of streaks on the lenses when wiping, for better anti-fog effect, please do not wipe dry, it will dry naturally after 5-10 seconds to form an anti-fog film.

Not Recommended for Cleaning Purposes Only
The main ingredient of the anti-fog wipes is a natural anti-fog agent and is not recommended for cleaning purposes only. After wiping the lenses, an anti-fog film is formed on the surface within 5 seconds, which can better prevent moisture condensation. Under normal conditions, the anti-fog effect can be maintained for 12 hours, and you will have a clear vision all day long.

Individual Packaging
The anti-fog wipes are individually packaged and are easy to carry. Sealed with a zip lock bag, it has good air-tightness and is easy to open. Always store the cloth back into a sealed bag. You can put it in your pocket, purse or backpack. When exercising outdoors, wearing a mask in a restaurant or anywhere in the environment from cold to warm, you can clean your lenses anytime and anywhere. Our product is an excellent anti-fog mask for glasses wearers.

Product instructions
1. Breathe on glasses side
2. lightly wipe glasses surface with anti-fog cloth for 20 seconds
3. Test the result by repeating steps 1 & 2 until the glasses are fully covered with anti-fog protection.
4. Store the cloth in the zip lock bag.
5. Wash your hand after use.

- 14.5 x 14.5 cm
- Zip lock bag
- up to 24hrs full day protection

Product Care
- Do not wash the cloth.
- Do not use with contact lenses.
- Keep away from light and moisture.